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How To Find Out Which Channels You’ll Receive Before Buying A TV Antenna

The last thing you would want to do is purchase an antenna, hire someone to install it, and be disappointed that most channels are missing or pixelated. That would be both a waste of time & money.

Or worse, Imagine being in a sunny place like Texas or Florida in 80, 90 or even 100-degree weather for hours trying to install a TV antenna on your roof. Your shirt is soaked in sweat, you’re smelly & you’ve drunk about four bottles of water to stay hydrated. You do all that just to realize the installed antenna cannot pick up channels 2-13 (this happens quite often) because you purchased the wrong one for your location.

Luckily, this new tool can show you which channels that are available to you and which antenna you’ll need to get them.

Please Note: If you’ve already purchased an antenna from our recommended tv antennas list, you do not need to use this tool.

How To Get A List Of Channels

1) Click Here to load up the tool

2) Enter your Zip Code and then click “Search”

3) Click on “View Channels”

You will now be presented with all the channels that are available in your area.

You can scroll through the entire list. This list shows that I have 200+ channels available.

How To Find Which Antenna Will Pull in These Channels

Now that you know what channels are available for you to receive, here is a list of antennas which antennas will pull in these channels.

Note: Again, you can skip this step if you’ve already purchased an antenna from our recommended tv antennas list.

1) Scroll all the back up to the top.

2) Once you are back at the top, click on “View Antennas”

This will then bring up a list of antennas and it will also show you how many channels each antenna will be able to receive.

That’s It!

Now please keep in mind since the example zip code I used was Los Angeles because it’s a major city, that is why so many channels are showing up. There are over 33 TV transmitters in the Los Angeles area. So an indoor antenna would work fine in a situation like this.

If you live in a rural area or somewhere with trees or mountains, then an Attic/Outdoor antenna is always going to be the best choice and for most people, it will be the only choice.