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Best TV Antennas List 2023

When looking to find the best tv antenna, you must be careful of scams. Some TV antennas claim to pick up TV signals 100, 200, or even 300 miles away. They are absolutely lying to you! It’s impossible for ANY tv antenna to go further than 100 miles, and here’s why: 

The curvature of the earth makes it impossible for ANY antenna to pick up TV signals more than 85 miles away. It would go against the laws of physics.

TV signals, like other signals, only travel straight, in a straight line of sight; therefore, a signal 85 miles away is pretty much the farthest you could pick up, assuming you have the correct type of antenna.

This is also why indoor TV antennas won’t work for most people who don’t live in a major city, you MUST get an outdoor antenna, but not just any outdoor antenna will work. Since the TV antenna industry is not regulated, most manufacturers lie about the range of their TV antennas, assuming people won’t know any better.

So based on my findings, the 4 antennas below are the only antennas I found to have the correct advertised signal range. All other antennas I’ve tested (and I’ve tested well over 100+ antennas at this point) have been wildly misleading or inaccurate.

So with that being said, these antennas are the only ones I recommend you purchase, especially if you live in a rural area or an area surrounded by tall trees or mountains.

Best Indoor TV Antennas

1) Raven Gadgets Custom Indoor Antenna

What makes this hd antenna unique comes down to the fact that Raven Gadgets is one of the only companies that make custom indoor antennas based on where you live. Once you’ve placed an order, they’ll modify the antenna (if required) to perform well at your location.

They have the best price-to-performance ratio mainly due to their Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal. You should consider this antenna if you’re looking for an indoor antenna that performs well for a decent price.

Best Outdoor TV Antennas

Note: All Antennas on this list can be used either Indoors or Outdoors, except for the Antennas Direct DB8e.

1) Antop AT-800SBS – 85 Mile Range

Antop has been making high-performance TV antennas since 2007, and because of so many years of development, their antennas perform better than any antenna on the market.

Overall, this antenna is the best tv antenna because it’s one of the only antennas on the market designed for people who live in rural areas or areas with tall trees (tall trees kill tv reception). It’s one of the only antennas designed for such a purpose on the market.

Best of all, it can be used indoors or outdoors without looking tacky, making this antenna unique. This antenna can pick up all channels within an 85-mile range.

It comes with an included amplifier and coaxial cable. It does a great job at pulling in channels from far away including NBC, ABC, CBS as well as 100s of other channels without an internet connection.

2) ClearStream 4MAX – 70 Mile Range

The Clearstream 4MAX is an excellent TV antenna that works exceptionally well. It doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by tall trees or living in a rural area. This antenna will get you a signal.

What makes this antenna even better is that you can purchase via monthly installment payments, which is excellent if you are tight on funds but still want a high-performance TV antenna.

However, this antenna can only pick up channels within a 70-mile radius, while the Antop SBS-802 can pick up channels within 85+ miles.

3) Antennas Direct DB8e – 70 Mile Range

The main benefit of the DB8E 8 antenna is that it can face two different directions simultaneously. TV signal transmitters are usually scattered in different locations, either north, south, east, or west. With this antenna, you can pull two regions at a time. It can also help you pick up channels from your city & a nearby city (if it’s within 70 miles).

When paired with the VHF addon, this antenna performs exceptionally well. This antenna works great in rural locations, and like other antennas on this list, it can be used outdoors (which is recommended) or in your attic (if you have one).

You can also purchase this antenna via monthly installment payments.

4) Winegard Elite 7550 – 70 Mile Range

The Winegard Elite 7550 is one of the best overall antennas for UHF & VHF out of all the antennas on the list. It packs a powerful punch for its size. Another great thing about this antenna is that it looks nice compared to those old-fashioned metal antennas.

Like all the antennas on this list, it works great in rural areas with tall trees, etc… This is also one of the best antennas if you live in a windy area. If you live in an area with a lot of salt, such as beach homes, tests conducted on this antenna show that this antenna was able to withstand a lot of salt and fog. The Elite 7550 has been tested in wind tunnels and can withstand winds upwards of 100 miles.

TV Antenna FAQ

Are There Any Cheaper Options?

This is the MOST common question I get asked all the time, and the answer is always the same, no! With TV antennas, you get what you pay for, and cheaper antennas won’t pick up far-away stations, especially if you live in a rural location or are surrounded by trees or other obstacles.

The antennas on this list are the only ones I’ve found that work as advertised. About every other antenna we’ve tested did not perform nearly as well, and some flat-out did not work. Buying any other TV antenna not on this list will almost certainly lead to you having to send it back for a refund and wasting your time.

Like anything, a TV antenna is an investment that will save you $100s of dollars and allow you to get rid of Cable TV once and for all. Cutting corners to save a few bucks will lead to wasted time, money & frustration.

Do More Expensive TV Antennas Work Better?

Price should never be the determining factor when it comes to quality when choosing a television antenna. There are plenty of affordable and effective options on the market; what matters most is signal strength in your area and antenna design. Research different types of antennas like outdoor TV antenna, indoor TV antenna, amplified antenna or long-range antenna, and find one that meets your needs best.

What Is the Ideal TV to Use with an Antenna?

Most modern televisions now have an integrated tuner that lets them receive over-the-air (OTA) signals. For optimal viewing quality when using a television antenna, look for models with clear and high-resolution displays and strong tuners which will allow you to get more tv channels. Smart TVs are not necessary when connecting via antenna; however they can enhance your experience by offering access to streaming services and other features.

How to Adjust TV Antenna for Best Reception

You must adjust it properly to get the best reception from your TV antenna. Start by finding the nearest broadcast tv towers using your zip code. Mount it high and unobstructed near a window facing that tower, connect it to your television using coax cable, then scan for available channels. If reception is weak, reposition or use a signal amplifier if necessary.

Are All TVs Compatible with Antennas?

Most modern TVs have an internal tuner that lets them receive OTA signals. Make sure your set has ATSC support, the industry standard for receiving these broadcast channels. Older models of television may need to purchase an external tuner or use a DVR in order to receive broadcast programming.

Do You Need a Smart TV to Use an Antenna?

A smart TV is not necessary in order to use an antenna, but they do provide additional features and enhance viewing. Even without one, you can still watch live TV without internet connection using only an antenna and your television’s built-in tuner.

Will an Expensive Antenna Offer More Channels?

The number of channels you receive with an antenna depends on both signal strength in your area and the quality of the antenna. While an expensive antenna may not necessarily pull in more channels than a cheaper one, having higher-quality equipment allows for clearer reception that lasts longer.

Does a Higher Antenna Gain Better Reception?

Generally, the higher an antenna, the better its reception. Outdoor antennas mounted on towers or rooftops offer the best reception; however, indoor antennas can also benefit from being placed at an optimal height and unobstructed location.

Where Should You Place an Indoor TV Antenna?

Place your indoor antenna near a window facing the broadcast tower for optimal signal reception. Avoid placing it near metal objects, appliances or other electronics that could interfere with signal strength.

Can TV Antennas Work Through Walls?

TV antennas can work through walls, but the signal strength may be weaker and you may need to amplify it. Avoid placing the antenna behind thick walls or metal objects that could block its signal. If you’re having trouble getting a clear signal, consider using either a signal amplifier or moving the antenna to a better location.

Finding the ideal TV antenna for your needs requires research and experimentation. Consider factors like location, distance from broadcast towers, terrain and more when making a purchase. Many antennas are cost-effective; adding an amplifier or booster can improve reception quality. You can access free local broadcast channels with minimal effort without paying for cable subscription services. To purchase through our links and enjoy these top TV antennas of 2023 at great prices, shop through our links now!


So with that being said, buying any other antenna NOT on this list will almost certainly lead to poor results, especially if the antenna company is advertising that their antenna can get over 100+ Miles which you now know is impossible with any TV antenna.

If you have any questions, please post them below.